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Looking for some quick and easy tips to optimise your Facebook page for Google and other search engines? Then look no further than our handy blog post on how to improve the visibility of your Facebook Business page. We’ve got plenty of easy-to-follow advice which will help your page rank higher up in search engine results before you know it. Take the sting out of social media optimisation with our helpful guide on how to boost the visibility of your Facebook Business page today.

In this article, we explore:

  • The key benefits of optimising your Facebook Business page
  • Quick and easy tips on how to start improving your page’s visibility straight away

Why you should optimise your Facebook Business page

Optimising your Facebook page means tailoring it in such a way that your business appears higher up in Facebook and Google search results. For example, if you own a flower shop in South London, then you’ll want your business to appear in the first few results every time somebody types in ‘South London florist’. 

What’s so good about Facebook? The social media site has more than 2.27 billion users, which is a huge potential market that no growing business can afford to ignore.

Of course, your Facebook Business page shouldn’t be a substitute for your official website. But it’s worth knowing that your Facebook page can get ranked in Google search results, just like your website.

Facebook also contains a highly-used search feature which more and more people are now using as a way to find specific posts or businesses (like ‘bike repair shops’): 

Results from Facebook Business page search function

So how do you improve the visibility of your Facebook Business page in Facebook and Google search results? We’ve included four handy tips and tricks below which will help you to start moving up the search engine rankings in no time at all. 

4 Tips and Tricks To Improve The Visibility Of Your Facebook Business Page

1. Combine Your Business Name and Keyword

Did you know that you can combine your Facebook page name with certain key words to try and increase your business’ visibility? 

Many popular brands such as Coca-Cola or McDonald’s don’t need to do this, because everybody already knows what their brand does. 

Burger King Facebook search result

However, smaller businesses need to adopt a more strategic approach, especially when you consider the fact that Facebook users who want to purchase online are far more likely to use keywords rather than brand names when they search for a specific item. 

Therefore it’s a really great idea to try and combine your primary business name with a keyword that summarises the product or service you provide. For example, if you own a water slide company called ‘Slippery’ then it’s not a great idea to solely use your business name as your Facebook Page name. Instead you might want to call your page something like Slippery Water Slide Company. 

Here is another example below: 

Sunbeams Day Nursery Facebook Business Page search result

Top trick: Make sure that your Facebook business page name is capitalised to enhance readability and help people to remember your brand name.

2. Add Search Snippets To Your ‘About’ Section

Having someone click on your Facebook business page is just the first step. You need to give them some more information about your brand and what it does by ensuring that you have completed all of the fields in the page’s ‘About’ section. 

And here’s the interesting thing: any text you write there can be used to form snippets that show up easily in Facebook and Google search rankings. Snippets are handy little bullet points that quickly inform users about key aspects of your business. 

Take a look at the example below:

Example of how to improve the visibility of Facebook Business page through snippet keywords

Here’s how this technique translates into an eye-catching Google search result:

Postmates appearance on Google

And this is how the copy looks on Facebook:

Postmates appearance on Facebook business search results

Our account managers at Auctus Digital are on-hand to complete these tasks for you if you’re still not sure where to begin or simply don’t have the time to sort out this kind of administration. 

3. Complete All Of The Page Info Details 

This sounds like a relatively obvious step, but businesses often set up a Facebook page in haste and don’t go back to fill in every detail. Why is this important?

Well, Facebook has changed its algorithm to significantly improve its search function. The social media network now considers a user’s location when returning results for a search, so you could instantly become visible to nearby customers if you’ve made sure to fill in your location details properly. 

Facebook has also redesigned its mobile app to make local searches more convenient for users. Make sure to fill in the following information on your business page’s ‘About’ section: country, city, address and postal code. 

Facebook Business page about section

Auctus Digital are experts in assessing the visibility of your company’s Facebook page. We can quickly find out what else is missing from your business page, so do get in touch if you’re still concerned about how your brand appears in search rankings. 

4. Include Keywords In All Of Your Facebook Page Content

Once you’ve completed each of these steps, you’ll want to make sure that all of your future Facebook page content is also optimised for search engines. 

This means that any content you upload to your page should be focused on specific keywords which are helping to target the audiences you want to try and reach. 

Keywords can be included in any posts you publish, as well as titles, video captions and image descriptions. 

Example of keywords in Facebook business post

Top trick: Make sure you’re using relevant keywords that aren’t being used too often. This helps to give your Facebook page a better chance at ranking highly in search results. Using a marketing toolkit such as SEMrush or analysing keywords on Google Search Console can really help you to get started. 


Facebook is one of the best platforms you can use to try and attract new customers thanks to its huge user base and the growing popularity of its business search function. By using the tricks above to boost the visibility of your Facebook business page, you’ll start to rank much more highly in both Facebook and Google search engine rankings. 

If you want to attract more followers to your company then Auctus Digital can help to further optimise your business page. Get in touch with us today if you want more advice on how to boost the visibility of your business online. 

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