Blog Five of the Biggest Problems Businesses Face When Using Social Media In-House

Many businesses today understand that social media is vital when it comes to reaching new customers and increasing website traffic. However, small to medium companies are often tempted to try and handle all of their social media accounts in-house, a strategy which comes with a very specific set of challenges.

In this article we list five of the biggest problems businesses face when they try to deal with social media on their own, rather than bringing in a professional marketing agency to do the work for them.

1. Aligning your social media accounts with the voice of your brand

It can be much harder than you think to make the switch from updating your own personal Facebook or Twitter accounts, to trying to make this work for your business as well. You know what your company does better than anyone, but are you able to communicate this in a way which represents your brand in the best possible way? It takes a lot of time and care to adapt your social media voice so that it properly reflects your company’s audience and goals.

2. Interruptions from other aspects of your business

Managing a number of different social media campaigns at once means that you’ll have to be available to read and respond to an increasing number of customer enquiries throughout the day. But what about the other aspects of your business which also require your full attention? It can be a headache learning how to juggle online customer service and the demands of several social media accounts with unexpected issues in other departments, not to mention the rest of your day-to-day tasks.

3. Budgeting

If you decide to go it alone, you might be surprised to find out just how much time you’ll need to spend budgeting when it comes to marketing on social media, particularly when it comes to ad budgets and related factors. If you’re not used to this kind of decision-making and aren’t working with the right kind of raw data to help you, then attempting to advertise on social media yourself can quickly become stressful and unproductive.

4. Targeting

When you first start out using social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram to try and attract new customers, there’s a tendency to flood your channels with articles and links that appeal to as many people as possible. However, it’s actually better to write targeted posts containing high-quality content that zero in on a specific demographic, rather than trying to cast the net wide. This requires devoting a certain amount of time to researching and writing that many business owners simply don’t have.

5. Growth Plateaus

Hurrah! You’ve noticed a huge spike in growth since setting up your social media accounts a couple of weeks ago. However, a temporary increase in new traffic rarely leads to sustained growth and without the right attention to your social media strategies, this spike will eventually plateau. Only dedicated social media marketing companies possess the knowledge, creativity and results-driven strategies to keep traffic flowing to your company website on a daily basis.

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