Strategy 7 Ways Local Businesses Can Increase Sales Using Facebook

In the same way people started to refer to vacuum cleaners as Hoovers or public address systems as Tannoys, when people think of Social Media, they almost always think Facebook! Yes there is Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram but Facebook is the king.

There are 2.07 billion monthly active Facebook users, an increase of 16% over the previous year and 1.15 billion mobile daily users, a significant increase of 23% over the year. These figures indicate that Facebook is the most powerful marketing tool within the social media network. Local businesses must use Facebook as a marketing tool and mobiles are the major internet accessing device today.

The following 7 tips are the most important Facebook tips for local businesses, and by following these simple tips, they can deliver a massive impact on your business and sales.

1. Use Paid Ads To Get Your Business Off The Ground

To get your Facebook page up and running and targeting specific demographics, the paid advertising platform within Facebook can prove handy for local businesses. First of all, the best way to start off is by using a budget as low as £5 a day and as the results roll in each day, maybe upping the daily budget £5 each day. That’s of course if you’re getting the results you want/need. By targeting a specific audience and demographics, this will result in realistic results. Location, age and interests being just three of the main targets. Paid ad’s work a treat if perfected correctly.

2. Customer Reviews Are Important

When you own a Facebook page, it’s really important to make sure that you receive great reviews. The reviews section is at the top of your Facebook page and when visitors are browsing your page, you want to make sure that the reviews are five star and that the customer service was great. If a review shows bad customer service, that can put potential customers off. The more positive reviews, the better. When dealing with customers, always drop in a comment to leave a review on the Facebook page, rate your page 5 stars and also like the page. Doing this will increase sales, page likes, customer service, reviews and also more visitors.

3. Post Live Videos

The number of people now watching live videos and standard videos is rapidly increasing and with Facebook making vast changes and updates with the algorithm all the time, we’ve figured out that making live videos through your Facebook page can get the public watching and can also drive sales to your website if you’re interesting within the video. Making your videos as visually engaging as possible, especially in the first few seconds, will help your video to rank higher in the news feed due to one of Facebook’s algorithms. Facebook rank live videos higher than standard videos and normal statuses, which means you can use this as a huge advantage to your business.

4. Use Facebook Insights

Using Facebook insights can be a huge advantage when targeting a specific audience. Facebook insights can pretty much tell you anything such as, which location your audience are from, if the majority are male or female and how old they are. It also helps you measure and analyse your Facebook presence and providing you with analytics data such as page visits and engagement, which will help you engage to your specific audience. This will improve your content strategy.

5. Choose A Specific Action Button

Having a specific action button on your page, can increase sales just from saving time. You can choose from seven pre made button options, which are: “Sign Up”, “Shop Now”, “Contact Us”, “Book Now”, “Use App”, “Watch Video” and “Play Game”. These buttons link to a website, where the visitors can go. It can be your homepage, a contact sheet, a video, an app, an email or even an online shop. By having a specific action button, your visitors can get in touch or buy with a click of a button without having to scroll about and waste time looking for a link.

6. Prioritise Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to posting images and statuses, make sure it’s always quality over quantity. If you post content over and over again that doesn’t get any clicks, likes, shares etc, Facebook will then start clamping down the reach of them posts and eventually your page will die where you’ll see no reach and no one clicking on your page. Facebook’s algorithm’s filter out the irrelevant, poor quality posts from the news feed and only let the quality stuff get shown to the users of Facebook. Always make sure that more time is spent crafting the perfect Facebook posts and make them interesting, entertaining, helpful and relevant to your audience. This will mean that people will engage, the reach of the posts will increase and more people will see the article, where there’ll be more organic sales from the posts.

7. Run A Competition

Running a competition through your Facebook page can have a massive impact on sales. The three vital steps you need in the competition to be in with a chance of winning are making sure the audience like your page, making sure they share the status so it receives more organic reach and also getting to tag 3 or 4 of their friends. By doing this it’ll be cheaper in the long run, but you’ll receive more customers and an increase in sales as people will check out your website after being tagged or seeing the sponsored post. Make sure when you run a competition that you start if off as a sponsored post and target the specific demographics to ensure you get the best results.






Following these 7 simple tips will give your Facebook page a great boost. If you need any help of further advice, feel free to contact us for a chat.

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